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Building & Safety is a division of the Resource Management Agency of the County of Ventura. Our objective is to ensure that new and remodel construction adheres to state and local laws for building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes.

The Building & Safety Division promotes and insures that all new development in the County of Ventura is constructed in accordance with the highest standards of safety and that all existing structures are maintained in a safe condition.

The Building & Safety Division achieves this goal by issuing permits and conducting field inspections of construction work for compliance with those codes.

Building & Safety is responsible for enforcing various requirements associated with planning, zoning, and property maintenance as outlined in the Ventura County Building Code. This is achieved through the Building & Safety’s Code Enforcement Section.

Building Permits are required for certain types of construction or remodeling. There are specific issues for residential, multi-family and commercial construction, and we encourage you to take a look at our FAQ’s page to get an overview of the issues. Please feel free to call (805-654-2771) if you have any questions regarding your construction projects.

For Building Inspections, our goal is to provide timely inspections of construction activities for builders and consumers so the built environment meets established standards and so the construction progress is not unnecessarily hampered.