Mobile Food Facilities

Staff Report for TFF and MFF

A "Mobile Food Facility" (MFF) is defined as any motorized or non-motorized portable food service unit upon which food is sold. Each MFF must obtain and display a valid Ventura County Health Permit in order to operate in Ventura County. Environmental Health Division staff review plans for new MFF's and conduct annual inspections of permitted MFF's.

To determine the type of permit that may be required, click on one of the links below:

  • Mobile Food Facility Type 1 - Produce truck, bread/baked goods truck other prepackaged foods not requiring refrigeration. - PDF

  • Vehículo de Alimentos Tipo 1 - Camioneta para productos agrícolas, camioneta para panes y otros productos horneados (no potencialmente peligrosos) que estén preempaquetados, alimentos especiales que no requieran control de temperatura. - PDF

  • Mobile Food Facility Type 2 - Ice Cream truck/cart; catering truck with only packaged food, fish truck; grocery truck with eggs, cheese or milk. - PDF

  • Vehículos de Alimentos Tipo 2 - Carrito o camioneta de paletas, lonchera sin alimentos abiertos, camioneta de pescados, camioneta de abarrotes con huevos, queso, o leche. - PDF

  • Mobile Food Facility Type 3 - Hot dog cart/trailer, coffee/cappuccino cart/trailer, churro/ pretzel cart, shaved ice cart. - PDF

  • Vehículo de Alimentos Tipo 3 - Carrito/trailer de hot dogs, carrito/trailer de café/ capuchino, carrito de churros/pretzels (galletas salada en forma de nudo), carrito de raspados - PDF

  • Mobile Food Facility Type 4 - Catering truck, mobile kitchen trailers. - PDF

  • Vehiculo de Alimentos Tipo 4 - Lonchera con alimentos abiertos, tráiler con cocina móvil. - PDF

Plan Submission

Plan submission may be required to obtain a valid Ventura County Health Permit for any new, remodeled or support MFF prior to construction, or for MFFs that have been acquired by the operator in the finished state. Plans may also be required for a change in menu. When plans have been submitted and approved, a final inspection appointment for permit issuance must be made with your plan checker. A Permit to Operate will be issued upon payment of permit fees.

For More Information:

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