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The Solid Waste Program is the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) for solid waste within Ventura County. Solid Waste staff serve Ventura County residents by ensuring the safe handling and proper disposal of residential and commercial solid waste. Staff inspect, permit, and monitor the operation of solid waste facilities such as landfills, waste transfer processing stations, composting operations, and chipping/grinding operations. Staff respond to complaints of illegal solid waste disposal and perform related investigations. 

In addition, LEA staff respond to complaints regarding compliance with Ventura County’s locally adopted mulch application standards.  These land application standards define what is considered “mulch” and prohibit land application of compostable material other than mulch. If approved by the Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, management of remaining uneaten fruit and vegetable culls from cattle feeding activities may include land application.  Best Management Practices for Managing Alternative Livestock Feed Sources in Ventura County were developed by the Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office as guidelines for practitioners who intend to feed livestock fruit and vegetable culls. 


Charles Genkel

805 648-9248


Sean Debley

805 654-2821

Staff Specialists:

Peter Bozek

805 654-2859


Marc Benchimol

805 654-2433

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