Vector Control Program

Invasive Mosquitoes Rats

A vector is any insect, arthropod, or other animal of public health significance capable of harboring or transmitting the causative agent of human disease. Vector Control Program staff maintain constant monitoring and control activities of mosquitoes at over 2000 potential mosquito breeding sources to prevent and minimize the exposure of the public to mosquito borne diseases including: West Nile Virus, other types of Encephalitis, and Malaria.

Vector control staff also respond to reports of mosquitoes or potential mosquito breeding sources from the public.

Staff conduct continuous Encephalitis Virus surveillance, including West Nile Virus, and monitors the County areas for Plague, Lyme Disease, and Hantavirus to prevent and minimize the exposure of the public to these diseases.

Hotline and Vector Control Program Information

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Vector Control Staff


Charles Genkel


Staff Contacts:

Steven D. Solomon

(805) 654-3585

Eli Hernandez

(805) 654-2873


Ron Ventura

(805) 654-2816


Cary Svoboda

(805) 677-8716

Alice Otten

(805) 654-3584





Ed Alamillo

(805) 654-2819