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Photo taken February 2016

The County of Ventura with its ten cities and numerous unincorporated communities is a beautiful place to live and work. The governmental jurisdictions have a long history of working together through cooperative planning agreements such as the Greenbelt Program and other jointly adopted planning documents to retain areas of largely undeveloped agricultural land between urban areas.

In several cases, our planning tools are unique to all of California. For example, the Guidelines for Orderly Development direct urban development to the cities instead of into unincorporated areas thereby promoting compact development. In the mid 1990s, a series of ordinances were adopted as “SOAR” measures (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) by the County and all but two cities. These measures created Urban Limit Boundaries around the cities to curb sprawl. While other jurisdictions in the State have adopted similar measures, the County of Ventura is unique in the coordinated application of these measures by virtually all jurisdictions.

The above planning tools and others are in place to help maintain the quality of life for which Ventura County is known. The Planning Division is committed to serving the residents of Ventura County through the continuation of these programs and the initiation of new and better ones.

Kimberly Prillhart, AICP
Planning Director

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