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An information & news web site designed to encourage
energy- and resource-efficient building practices & land use decisions with a focus on Ventura County.

Smart building” covers everything from how energy-efficient your water heater is to how easy it is to walk to the nearest bus stop. It means making smart decisions to save money, save energy, stay healthy, and live more comfortably while also protecting resources for future generations.

Read this brief introduction to the Build It Smart program.

About Build It Smart!

Assisted by a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments, the Ventura County Planning Department has joined hands with local groups, businesses and individuals to develop the Build it Smart web site. This site is a tool to help residents throughout the county make sense of the multitude of new-and not-so-new-strategies, techniques, building materials, and other products that make building projects and land use decisions smarter and more ecologically responsible. You'll find that the site gives extra attention to the issue of energy efficiency. Besides helping to address two pressing issues-climate change and rising energy costs-the energy efficiency measures featured here also end up being wise economic investments. That's pretty smart.

Why build smart?

The County of Ventura & local cities encourage you to make your building project as energy efficient and ecologically responsible as possible.

Designing a home or commercial structure to minimize use of energy and resources helps everybody: Owners and tenants benefit from reduced energy bills and operating costs as well as improved health and productivity, and the whole community benefits from a building that produces fewer greenhouse gases over the life of the building— improving the surrounding environment long into the future.