Schedule a RMA Presentation for Your Group

The Resource Management Agency (RMA) is made up of five divisions which are responsible for carrying out dozens of County programs.  We feel it is important that we reach out and provide as much information as possible to our customers and the greater community.  By doing so, RMA staff gains a better understanding of the needs of the community and, in turn, the community and our customers gain a better understanding of the role of RMA.  This direct communication can only lead to higher quality service that meets the needs of our customers and the community as a whole.

Included among the many programs carried out by RMA are:

  • Health inspections at all restaurants and food facilities in the County

  • Inspections of all commercial scales (e.g. gas pumps,grocery scales, price scanners) in the County

  • Issuance of land use and building permits for the unincorporated area

  • Oversight of “Green Building” codes (including grey water use)

  • Inspection of hazardous and medical waste generating facilities in the County

  • Mosquito Abatement at 5,000 sources in the County

  • Inspection of all public pools in the County

  • Permitting of Sanitary Landfills

  • Oversight of leaking underground fuel tank clean-up

  • Historical review of Cultural heritage sites in some cities and the County

  • Management of agricultural lands preservation programs

  • Building and Zoning Code Compliance

RMA staff from all of our divisions is available to speak to community groups, trade organizations, business and advocacy groups, school or special districts, and any other interested parties.  If you are a member of an organization that is interested in hearing about any of the programs carried out by RMA, please complete the form below and sign your group up to receive a presentation.

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“Green Building” codes (including grey water use)

Hazardous and Medical waste permitting/regulations

Mosquito Abatement

Public Pool Permitting/Inspections

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As soon as we receive your request, a member of our staff will be contacting you to introduce themselves and make the final arrangements for the presentation. If you have any questions in the meantime, you may call Tina Figurski at 654-2662. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.