Welcome to Weights and Measures

Image of a ScaleWeights and Measures is a division of the Resource Management Agency of the County of Ventura and is mandated by state law to protect the interests of the buyer and seller to ensure honesty and integrity of everyday business transactions. This protection is accomplished through the enforcement of the laws of the State of California and various federal statutes.

Most transactions involving the exchange of goods, property, and service involve some form of weighing and measuring. Protection is provided by the continuous, systematic inspection and testing for accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used in trade in Ventura County, as well as the checking of packaged commodities for quantity and labeling.

Weights and Measures respond to complaints from concerned citizens in our community that are specifically related to:

  • Quantity Control
  • Device Inspection
  • Weighmaster
  • Consumer Services
  • Petroleum
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Weights and Measures Staff

Angela Godwin, County Sealer
  • 805 654-2428
Ann Rodriguez, Management Assistant III
  • 805 654-2444
Keith Huss, Weights & Measures Inspector I
  • 805 654-3981
Matthew Douglas, Weights & Measures Inspector II
  • 805 654-2445
Paul Jordan, Weights & Measures Inspector II
  • 805 654-3506
Anthony McInally, Weights & Measures Inspector II
  • 805 654-2442
Kim Vickers, Weights & Measures Inspector II
  • 805 654-2442
Theresa Pacheco White, Weights & Measures Inspector II
  • 805 654-3503


Hola y bienvenidos al correo electrónico del departamento de Pesas y Medidas. Invitamos a todas las personas que necesiten información en español a ponerse en contacto con Ann Rodriguez al teléfono (805) 654-2444.

Nuestra oficina se encuentra en el tercer piso del edificio de administración del Condado de Ventura, en el centro del Gobierno en 800 Sur Victoria Ave. Ventura, California.