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Ventura County Biological Resource Maps

Critical Habitat for Federally Listed Threatened and Endangered Species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has designated critical habitat for certain federally listed threatened and endangered species. To find out whether a property contains critical habitat, check out the USFWS Critical Habitat Online Mapper or contact the Ventura Office of the USFWS. If a project proposed within critical habitat involves no federal funding or permit, then formal consultation with the USFWS is not required. However, the Planning Division encourages you to design your project to avoid or minimize impacts to critical habitat, because it is considered to be a significant biological resource.

California Department of Fish and Game Public Data Viewer (BIOS), Ventura County Maps

This on-line map viewer is maintained by the California Department of Fish and Game and contains maps of biological resources statewide. Biological resource maps specific to Ventura County can be accessed through a bookmark on the map viewer. Instructions to view the Ventura County maps are provided below.

Navigate to the main BIOS web page, and click on the "Public BIOS Data Viewer" rectangle (please do not use the BETA version as the Ventura County datasets are not available there). Once the viewer loads, up at the top of the screen, there is a blue push pin on the task bar. This is where the Ventura County maps can be selected for for viewing.

  1. Click on the blue push pin
  2. Click on "Browse Bookmarks"
  3. Find "Ventura County Datasets" under the description heading
  4. Click on the blue "Load" link for loading that particular bookmark

Plant Communities of Ventura County

Native Plants and Landscaping with Natives

Special Status Species of Ventura County

Wildlife Corridors

Laws and Policies Related to Biological Resources

Migratory Birds
Oak Woodlands
Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas in the Coastal Zone
Watercourses and Wetlands