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Information about the Habitat Connectivity and Wildlife Corridor Project

Information about the Proposed Habitat Connectivity and Wildlife Corridor Ordinance Revisions – How will the Ordinance impact my property?

The State of California regulates land division through the Subdivision Map Act (Government Code section 66410 et seq.). Local jurisdictions are required to develop a Subdivision Ordinance which can regulate and control subdivisions of land, consistent with the Subdivision Map Act.

The State’s Subdivision Map Act has been amended a number of times since the Board of Supervisors adopted the current County Subdivision Ordinance in 2011. Recent court cases clarified that certain requirements of the Subdivision Map Act should be incorporated as amendments to the ordinance.

The proposed amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance would be applicable Countywide, and would not alter any adopted land use plans, zoning, or development-related policies. The purpose of these proposed amendments is to do the following:

  • incorporate amendments to the State Subdivision Map Act;
  • better implement County General Plan policies; and
  • clarify, augment, and streamline the Subdivision Ordinance to more accurately reflect the current standards and practices involved in processing subdivision requests.

In 2014, the Board of Supervisors approved a scope of work, budget, and schedule for this project, but its initiation was delayed due to lack of staff resources. Planning Division staff is now working with staff from the County Surveyor's office and County Counsel's office to complete this ordinance update. All amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance will ultimately be reviewed by the Ventura County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.

Planning staff expects to complete this project by Summer 2019.

Please visit this website for periodic updates and public hearing schedules. Any questions regarding the project should be directed to Winston Wright at (805) 654-2468 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Introducing: Amanda Conroy

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Amanda Conroy moved to Santa Barbara from Ontario, CA in 2005. She studied Art History and Women's Studies at UC Santa Barbara, where she graduated with a dual B.A. degree in 2009.
Towards the end of her time at UCSB, Amanda became involved with the local Santa Barbara community through volunteering and interning with several non-profits in the area.
Amanda has now worked professionally in the non-profit sector for the last decade and possesses a strong passion and dedication to public service, specializing in Non-profit Development, Fundraising and Marketing. In 2018, Amanda earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus in Public Sector Management and Leadership from California State University Northridge.

Amanda is the newest member of VISIONALITY and serves as a dedicated Project Manager, helping organizations throughout the Central Coast.
When Amanda is not working, she enjoys life with her husband and two fur babies. She enjoys reading, traveling and living life to the fullest.