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home food business

What is Home Occupation (Business)?

Ventura County Non-coastal Zoning Ordinance:
Any commercial activity conducted on or from a residential lot where such activity is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the residential lot for dwelling purposes and the activity does not change the character of the residential use.
(Article 2: Definitions, Home Occupation, VCNCZO)

Ventura County Coastal Zoning Ordinance:
Any commercial activity that is clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of a dwelling and does not change the character thereof. (Article 2: Definitions, Home Occupation, VCCZO)

What is the Home Occupation permitting process?

  1. Review the Ventura County Non-Coastal (Sec. 8107-1.2) or Coastal Zoning Ordinance (Sec. 8172-5.1 f.) standards for Home Occupation.*
  2. Fill out Tax Collector's Business License form.
  3. Bring completed Home Occupation - Zoning Clearance Application Packet and completed Business License form to public counter. Alternatively, you may apply for a Home Occupation Zoning Clearance through the Citizen Access Web Portal. Note- Please attach both forms with your submission.
  4. Counter staff will review your submittals, and based on whether or not the submittals meet requirements, the counter staff person will approve or disprove your submittal. If the submittal is approved, the counter staff person will stamp the Business License and administer a Zoning Clearance. If your application was submitted via Citizen Access, a PDF copy of your stamped tax certificate will be emailed to you.

*Per the Food Cottage Act, if your proposed use involves consumer operations (ie. catering, food, etc.), please contact the Environmental Health Division before contacting the Planning Division.

How much does a Home Occupation Permit Cost?

Fee Requirements - Planning Fee Schedule

Please contact the Tax Collector’s Business License Bureau at (805) 654-2653,
for Business License related fees and/or questions.

County Contact:

If you have any questions about Home Occupation permits, please contact Planning Counter Staff at 805-654-2488 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..