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The Resource Management Agency strives to ensure that its customer service standards are consistent with the Agency’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the Resource Management Agency, in cooperation with the public and our partner agencies, is to protect the consumer and community’s health, safety, and environment by carrying out adopted laws and policies, and educating, assisting, and empowering Ventura County residents and businesses to be good stewards of the land and our resources.


In addition, RMA has identified those core values which will guide us in carrying out our mission. These values are directly related to our customer service and include:

  • Honesty, hard work, and ethical behavior

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Equitable treatment and respect of all constituents

  • Excellence in service delivery

land use

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that all discretionary development projects be evaluated for potential environmental impacts. The Ventura County Planning Division is the lead agency for most discretionary projects in unincorporated Ventura County. Environmental Health Land Use Program staff provides the Planning Division with evaluations of projects concerning domestic water supplies, sewage disposal, solid waste operations and facilities, and other environmental health issues.

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General Land Use Information

The purpose of the Environmental Health Division Land Use Program is to review proposed discretionary projects and determine if adverse effects on public health may result. See the following links for more information on the Discretionary Permit Process or to see a pamphlet on the Land Use Program (PDF).

Land Use Staff Specialists

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Domestic Water Supply

Proof of a permanent supply of potable water is required for all proposed projects with plumbing fixtures intended for domestic purposes, such as drinking, cooking, or sanitation purposes. An adequate, safe supply of potable water may come from either an onsite water well or an approved water purveyor.

Septic and Wastewater

Proposed discretionary project which generate wastewater (domestic sewage) must demonstrate that an acceptable method of sewage disposal is available from either a public sewer system or an onsite sewage treatment system (OWTS) commonly referred to as a septic system.

Sewer Policy for Subdivisions

Ventura County Sewer Policy states any subdivision or change in land use requiring land use permits, and having a direct effect upon the volume of sewage, filed after the adoptive date of this policy, will require the installation of a public sewer system. See the following handout for more information on the Ventura County Sewer Policy.

Water and Sewer Supply Certificates for Subdivisions

Acknowledgement of a binding agreement between the water purveyor and/or a sewer entity and the applicant is a Condition of Compliance for subdivisions. Compliance with this condition is achieved when the applicant has submitted a completed water supply certificate and/or sewer service certificate to the Environmental Health Division.

Solid Waste and Composting

Ventura County Environmental Health is the Local Enforcement Agency for solid waste facilities and operations within Ventura County. Discretionary projects involving landfills, waste transfer stations, composting operations, and chipping/grinding operations have specific permitting and operational requirements, including compliance with CEQA.