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A Mobile Food Facility (MFF) means a vehicle, used in conjunction with a commissary, or other permanent food facility upon which food is sold or distributed at retail. An MFF does not include a transporter used to transport packaged food from a food facility, or other approved source to the consumer (California Retail Food Code Section 113831).  Each MFF must obtain and display a valid Health Permit to operate in Ventura County. Environmental Health Division staff review plans for new MFF's, conduct annual and routine inspections of permitted MFFs. For a list of currently permitted mobile food facilities in Ventura County, click the following link: Mobile Food Facilities List.

In Ventura County, the MFFs are categorized into four distinct types.  The MFF type depends on the menu food items sold and the limitations of food operation in the MFF. To find out more information regarding the different type of MFFs, click on the links below.



Plan Review

Except for MFF Type 1, all other types of MFFs are subject to a plan check review. To obtain an MFF permit, two (2) sets of plans, drawn to scale, showing all four (4) sides and a top view with a plumbing diagram must be submitted along with a completed plan check application (application for permit to construct) and all applicable plan review feesPlans will be reviewed within twenty (20) working days followed by an issuance of a rejection or approval letter. If plans are not approved, a list of needed corrections will be provided. Once all corrections are made, submit two (2) sets of the revised plans.  It is advised to not begin building the MFF until plans have been approved.

Forms and Guidelines

Note:  Submitting plans does not give assurance that it will be approved.  


Once plans are approved and the MFF has been built, an appointment for a construction inspection can be arranged with the MFF Plan Check Specialist.  To avoid delay, the MFF must be built in accordance to the approved plans.  When the construction inspection is complete, a health permit is issued to the MFF and placed on the left side of the vehicle with the presence of an inspector.

Permit Processing

After the final inspection, the permit application is processed and a permit fee must be paid. Other forms such as an Approved Commissary Letter, Mobile Food Route Sheet, Toilet Facilities Authorization (necessary if the MFF is parked at one place for more than one hour), Manager’s food safety certificate and/or a Food handler’s card and/or a Food handler’s card, Standard Operational Procedures or Written Operational Procedures must be provided.    


Type 1 - No plan check required if vehicle is a produce truck, bread/baked goods truck other prepackaged foods not requiring refrigeration. [Camioneta para productos agrícolas, camioneta para panes y otros productos horneados (no potencialmente peligrosos) que estén preempaquetados, alimentos especiales que no requieran control de temperatura]

Forms and Guidelines:


Type 2 - Ice Cream truck/cart, push carts, cold/hot trucks, catering truck with only packaged food, fish truck; grocery truck with eggs, cheese or milk, pizza truck. [Carrito o camioneta de paletas, lonchera sin alimentos abiertos, camioneta de pescados, camioneta de abarrotes con huevos, queso, o leche]

Forms and Guidelines:


Type 3 - Hot dog cart/trailer, coffee/cappuccino cart/trailer, churro/ pretzel cart, roasted almonds cart, kettlecorn/popcorn cart, shaved ice cart. [Carrito/trailer de hot dogs, carrito/trailer de café/ capuchino, carrito de churros/pretzels (galletas salada en forma de nudo), carrito de raspados]

Forms and Guidelines:


Type 4 - Catering Truck, Softserve Ice Cream Truck, Mobile Kitchen Trailers [Lonchera con alimentos abiertos, tráiler con cocina móvil]

Forms and Guidelines:


Commissary - A Commissary is a food facility that services MFFs, Mobile Support Unit (MSU), or vending machines where any of the following occur:

  1. Food, containers, or supplies are stored
  2. Food is prepared or prepackaged for sale or service at other locations
  3. Utensils are cleaned
  4. Liquid and solid wastes are disposed, or potable water is obtained(California Retail Food Code Section 113751)

Forms and Guidelines:

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