Applications for Zoning Clearance can be submitted online through Citizen Access at Before submitting, applicants must be prepared with the following:

1. Complete the Zoning Clearance Application with an accurate project description and updated contact information. Zoning Clearance Application Packets can be found on the Planning Division’s webpage HERE. A completed Zoning Clearance Application Packet is required for all online Zoning Clearance Application and must be attached to your online application.

2. Gather all application material including site plan, floor plan and elevations. Application material must be submitted with an online Zoning Clearance application for permit processing.

3. Create an account with Citizen Access. Please visit the Citizen Access webpage listed above to create an account. Citizen Access will be your access to pay Zoning Clearance Application fees, check permit status and upload supporting documents. Click here to view a Citizen Access video guide.

After online submittal, if supplemental fees are assessed, utilize the following steps to pay supplemental fees:

a. Log onto your Citizen Access account

b. Select Planning at the top of the page

c. Put in your Record Number (Example: ZC20-0000)

d. Select Payments and then Fees in the dropdown

e. Select Pay Fees and then Checkout

Please contact the Planning Division if you have any questions as you are processing your online Zoning Clearance Application. The Planning Division can be reached at 805-654-2488 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..