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If the Lead Agency finds that the project may have a significant impact on the environment and that there are no obvious measures the applicant can take to mitigate potential problems, an EIR will be required. An EIR may also be required if further study is needed to provide information necessary in determining whether or not the project could have a significant impact.

 Case Number PL19-0046
Somis Ranch Partners, LLC, Applicant 


Project Description: 

The applicant requests (1) a Tentative Parcel Map (TPM) to authorize the four-lot subdivision of an existing legal lot; (2) a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to authorize the construction of a community waste water treatment facility (CWWTF); and (3) a Planned Development (PD) Permit to authorize the construction of a 360-unit farmworker housing complex. The proposed farmworker housing complex is intended to be 100 percent affordable to farmworkers who qualify as lower income, which is classified as individuals and families who make 80 percent or below the area median income. The proposed farmworker housing complex would include 360 dwelling units, 654 parking spaces, and amenities such as community centers, play fields, tot lots/playgrounds, picnic tables, barbeques, and a basketball court. The CWWTF would treat 100 percent of wastewater generated on the project site. Treated wastewater would meet Disinfected Tertiary Recycled Water requirements in accordance with California Code of Regulations Title 22, and is proposed for use as off-site agricultural irrigation.

List of Potentially Significant Environmental Impacts Identified:
Based on the analysis presented in the DEIR, the project would result in potentially significant but mitigable impacts to Air Quality and Biological Resources, and potentially significant but unavoidable impacts to Agricultural Resources

Location:  2789 Somis Road, Somis
APN: The proposed project is located on Tax Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 156-0-180-48

Review Period Start and End Date:
September 21, 2020 to November 5, 2020

Case Planner:
Justin Bertoline, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (805) 654-2466

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Scoping Comments
Appendix B - Preliminary On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Design
Appendix C - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Modeling Results
Appendix D - Initial Studay Biological Assessment (ISBA)
Appendix E - Cultural Resources Assessment
Appendix F - Noise Modeling Results
Appendix G - Seepage Pit Performance Test Report
Appendix H - Traffic Study
Appendix I  - Preliminary Hydrology Memorandum
        Appendix J - Geotechnical Engineering Report
Appendix K - Domestic Water Use Calculations
        Appendix L - AB 52 Correspondence

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