Incorporating “green building” into a project means taking steps to create buildings that are safe and healthy for people and that protect our environment.  While specific methods and products may vary from project to project in general, green building techniques seek to conserve natural resources, increase energy efficiency, and improve indoor air quality in all types of new construction.

An information and news web site designed to encourage energy - and resource-efficient building practices and land use decisions with a focus on Ventura County.

Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance

The Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA) provides programs to help reduce energy demand and increase energy efficiency in Ventura County. VCREA has current information on utility rebates and incentive programs; regularly holds free half-day workshops on various building energy efficiency topics; assists public agencies with energy management services including energy equipment retrofits and other upgrades; and maintains a drop-in center with energy efficiency exhibits and information for business, commercial and residential applications.