Measure O allows commercial production of marijuana in greenhouses in unincorporated areas of Ventura County.

Measure O Basics

  • Measure O amends the Ventura County Ordinance Code to allow the commercial cultivation, processing, distribution and sale of cannabis in pre-existing structures within the unincorporated area of Ventura County.
  • Sales will occur only between licensed distributors.
  • Does NOT allow the retail sale of cannabis to the general public within the unincorporated area.

How much cannabis can be grown in unincorporated Ventura County under Measure O?

  • 500 acres for general cannabis cultivation.
  • 100 acres for nursery cultivation.
  • There would be no limit on the number of businesses so long as the total acreage limits were not exceeded.

Where can cannabis be grown in unincorporated Ventura County under Measure O?

  • Commercial cannabis activities are restricted to the AE (Agricultural Exclusive), M2 and M3 (Industrial) zoning districts.
  • All cultivation needs to occur within pre-existing permanent greenhouse, glasshouse, conservatory, hothouse or other similar indoor facilities.
  • No cultivation is allowed outdoors.
  • Ancillary processing and distribution activities are permitted.

 Where is cannabis NOT allowed to grow under Measure O?

  • Within a 1,200-foot radius of the following places in existence on March 4, 2020.
      • Schools
      • Day care centers
      • Youth centers
      • Drug rehabilitation centers
      • Parks
      • Residential neighborhoods

What are the taxes and fees related cannabis cultivation under Measure O?

  • 4% tax on gross receipts on general cannabis cultivation.
  • 1% tax on gross receipts on cannabis nursery cultivation.
  • The taxes would be paid into the County’s general fund and could be used for any public purpose of the County.
  • Operators will need to comply with state licensing requirements, and also obtain a cannabis license from the County.

Does my property qualify under Measure O?

  • Today, the County is unable to advise the public about where cannabis cultivation could be permitted since the County currently does not have a cannabis cultivation program.
  • Information about the permitting program will be made public near January 1, 2021, the date which the County is to begin accepting applications.