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The forms below are part of the Planning Division’s discretionary permit process. All discretionary permit applications are separated into four sections based on the project type: general discretionary permit applications, modifications to existing discretionary permit applications, subdivisions, and appeals. For each application a brief description is provided to assist you.

Please note that all applications for discretionary permits, subdivisions, and zone changes must be coordinated with, and submitted to, the Discretionary Permit Coordinator in the Planning Division. The Planning Division requires all potential discretionary permit applicants to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Discretionary Permit Coordinator. To learn more about this process and/or to schedule a pre-application meeting, please click here.

Helpful Hint: Click here for an instructional manual on downloading, saving, and printing Adobe pdf applications.

General Discretionary Permit Applications

For all residential, commercial, and industrial projects that require discretionary review, please review the materials below.

Modifications to Existing Discretionary Permit Applications

Any changes to an approved discretionary permit also constitute a discretionary decision and typically falls into one of the following three categories:

To determine which modification application you need for your proposed revisions, please schedule a pre-application meeting with the Permit Coordinator. To learn more about this process and/or to schedule a pre-application meeting, please click here.


A subdivision or lot split is the legal division of any lot into two or more lots, for the purpose of sale, lease or financing, now or in the future. There are several types of subdivisions, all of which require discretionary review and approval. Subdivision projects that are exempt from discretionary review can be found in Section 8201-4 of the Ventura County Subdivision Ordinance .

To learn more about the various subdivision permit applications, please review the information below.


Following approval of a project by the Planning Director or Planning Commission, a 10-day appeal period commences during which time any interested party may appeal the decision before it becomes effective.  Coastal projects within the appeals jurisdiction require an additional appeal period before becoming effective.  Board of Supervisors decisions are not appealable unless the project site is located within the appeals jurisdiction of the coastal zone.  Projects located within the coastal appeals jurisdiction are appealable to the Coastal Commission.

Appeals are processed in the same manner as other discretionary application requests as set forth in Article 11 of the Coastal and Non-Coastal Zoning Ordinance. For more information about the appeal process, please click on the link here.