Project Information:RI NU map

Case No.: PL15-0106
Applicant: RI-NU Services, LLC., Tim Koziol
Project Address: 815 Mission Rock Road, unincorporated area of Santa Paula
Project Assessor’s Parcel No.: 099-0-060-565
Planning Staff Contacts:
Franca A. Rosengren, Senior Planner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-654-2045
Winston Wright, Planning Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-654-2468

Summary of Project Description

The project applicant requests the reinstatement and modification to CUP 960 (as modified by MajorModification LU06-0011) to authorize the continued operation of, expansion of, and various operational safety changes to, the existing wastewater treatment facility until August 30, 2040. The applicant seeks to continue to accept, treat and dispose offsite by trucks various types of non-hazardous waste streams. Accepted non-hazardous wastes will be treated on site to separate solids and liquids, consolidate treated wastes and truck the treated wastes to other off-site disposal facilities. Wastes, from each type of waste stream, will be treated to a level acceptable by the off-site receiving facilities.

The applicant requests the following modifications to the existing permit: legalize the unpermitted expansion of the facility’s operation boundary by 1.67 acres; redesign the layout and operation so that the facility may operate safer, more efficiently, and the waste processing equipment is located further from the agricultural zoned areas that border the project site; removing, replacing, and adding new equipment and structures.

  • The complete project description can be accessed HERE
  • The project site plan can be accessed HERE

Application Submittal and Review

The most current project application was submitted to the Planning Division in October 2020. The Planning Division, in consultation with other public agencies, prepared an Initial Study, and determined that the proposed project could have a significant impact with respect to agricultural resources – land use incompatibility and hazardous materials/waste. However, the Initial Study identified mitigation measures that could reduce the impacts to a less than significant level. The Planning Division prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration that will undergo a required 30-day public review. The Mitigated Negative Declaration is expected to be released for public review within the next 30 days. The Planning Commission cannot review, and the Board of Supervisors cannot make a decision on, the proposed project until after the MND undergoes the required 30-day public review.

Potential Project Processing Timeline:


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