Welcome to Ventura County Resource Management Agency

Important items:

The Resource Management Agency

The primary goal of the Resource Management Agency is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public through administration and enforcement of County ordinances, Board policy, and state and federal laws regarding land use, and commercial and environmental regulation.

The RMA Agency has five Divisions:

  • Building & Safety
  • Code Compliance
  • Environmental Health
  • Operations
  • Planning

These functions are grouped in agency structure because of the similarities in their activities, and to realize the following advantages:

  • Simplification and enhancement of public contact by providing a one-stop location for the public.
  • Coordination of related activities among the Divisions, such as permit issuance, inspections, and enforcement actions.
  • Uniform interpretation and coordinated implementation of legal requirements and county policies.
  • Professional management of fiscal, personnel and general administrative matters.

The Resource Management Agency is located on the third floor of the Government Center Administration Building, on the northeast corner of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road in Ventura.