On September 12, 2023 the Board of Supervisors zoning bearPhoto Credit: California Department of Transportation. adopted an ordinance to establish a 200 foot development setback area at the entrances of 14 existing culverts and bridges that are utilized by wildlife to cross under roads (Gridley Road, Highway 33, and Lockwood Valley Road) in the northern unincorporated County. 

The ordinance amended Articles 2 and 6 of the Ventura County Non-Coastal Zoning Ordinance to establish the 200-foot setback from 14 bridges and culverts that have been identified as important functional wildlife crossing structures, and to improve safe passage for wildlife and vehicles. The amendments are summarized as follows:

  • Article 2 was amended to update the definition of “wildlife crossing structure” to clarify that flood plain facilities may also be a barrier for wildlife connectivity, that wildlife crossing structures are used by both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, and to reflect that an existing map layer within the County View Geographic Information System will be updated to include the locations of the 14 wildlife crossing structures that are the subject of the proposed ordinance.
  • Article 6 was amended to establish a 200-foot setback area from the entry and exit points of 14 wildlife crossing structures. The amendments included the following:
    • Identification of the 14 wildlife crossing structures according to agency of ownership, identification numbers, and location.
    • Prohibitions for certain new development, land uses and activities from occurring within the 200-foot setback area.
    • A description of how to measure the 200-foot setback area.
    • A list of 27 landuse and development exemptions to the setback regulations organized in three categories: “vegetation modification”, “structures, development, land uses, and activities”, and “outdoor lighting and related activities”.

A provision that addresses when an existing structure located partially or wholly within the 200-foot setback area may be expanded under the proposed ordinance.

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Hearing Recordings and Adopted Ordinance