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Beaches Currently Posted and Advisories

Updated: January 25, 2023 at 5:35 PM

As a result of the reported sewage release into San Antonio Creek and the Ventura River that began on January 9, 2023, the Environmental Health Division advised the public to stay out of ocean water from Mondo's Cove to Surfer's Knoll.  The following beaches are now meeting State standards for bacteria and have been reopened:

  • Mondos Cove Beach
  • Solimar Beach
  • Emma Wood State Beach
  • Surfer's Point at Seaside
  • Promenade Park Beach (Figueroa Street)
  • Promenade Park Beach (Redwood Apartments)
  • San Buenaventura State Beach (California Street)
  • San Buenaventura State Beach (Dover Lane)
  • San Buenaventura State Beach (Weymouth Lane)
  • Marina Park Beach
  • Peninsula Beach/Harbor Cove
  • Surfer's Knoll Beach

The following beaches continue to exceed State standards for bacteria and will remain closed:

  • San Buenaventura State Beach (Kalorama Street)
  • San Buenaventura State Beach (San Jon Road)

For more information, click on Sewage Release.

NOTE: Due to this sewage release advisory, all affected beach sites on the interactive map are displayed in red.  Sampling results may not reflect the current bacteriological water quality.

Routine sampling results indicate that water quality at the following beaches failed to meet State standards for bacteria:

  • Rincon Creek

Warning signs will be posted at these beaches advising the public to avoid body contact with ocean water due to an increased risk to human health.

Contact with ocean water should be avoided for a minimum of 50 yards on either side of each posted sign.  These beaches will remain posted until it has been determined by the Environmental Health Division that water quality meets State standards.


You may also call the telephone hotline at (805) 662-6555 for any updates on beach postings, status, and ocean water quality.

Interactive Map:

The interactive map is a service provided to beachgoers concerning the bacteriological quality of waters throughout Ventura County. Click on any colored pin on the map to view the latest bacteriological quality results of a beach.



  green pin Meets State standards for bacteria.

  red pin WARNING – Avoid contact with ocean water due to sewage contamination or other health hazards.

  yellow pin Exceed State standards for bacteria and may cause illness. Also used when a rainfall advisory is in effect.

  green pin Post-rainfall advisory.  Sampling results may not reflect the current bacteriological water quality.

  gray pin Not sampled due to inaccessibility, unsafe conditions, lab accident, wet-weather or holiday monitoring schedule.

Sample results for the week of:  January 22,  2023

Season: Wet-Weather Season 

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State of California Ocean Water Quality Bacteriological Standards:

State of California Ocean Water Quality Bacterial Standards:
The minimum protective bacteriological standards for water adjacent to public beaches and public water-contact sports areas shall be as follows:


State Bacterial Standards

Total coliform

<10,000 MPN per 100 ml

Fecal coliform

<400 MPN per 100 ml


<104 MPN per 100 ml


>1,000 total coliform bacteria MPN per 100 ml, if the ratio of fecal/total coliform bacteria exceeds 0.1

* MPN: Most Probable Number; bacteria count per 100 ml of water

Based on the mean of the logarithms (geometric mean) of the result of at least five weekly samples during any 30-day sampling period, the density of bacteria in water from any sampling station at a public beach or public water contact sports area, shall not exceed:

• Total coliform bacteria: 1,000 per 100 milliliters; or
• Fecal coliform bacteria: 200 per 100 milliliters; or
• Enterococcus bacteria: 35 per 100 milliliters.



Rainfall Advisory
A Rainfall Advisory is issued if rainfall is significant enough to result in runoff which can flow into storm drains, channels, creeks, and rivers that empty onto the beaches of Ventura County. In general, 0.2 inches (2 tenths of an inch) of rainfall may be enough to create significant runoff conditions. The advisory will remain in effect for 72 hours after the end of all predicted rainfall.


The Ocean Water Quality Monitoring Program has two regular seasons, the Dry-Weather and Wet-Weather seasons. Forty (40) samples are collected during the Dry-Weather season and nineteen (19) samples during the Wet-Weather season.

Dry-Weather Season
During the Dry-Weather season, water sampling is conducted from April 1 through October 31. Samples are collected from 40 public beaches twice a week, generally on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Mondays, samples are collected in the North Coast locations from Rincon Beach to Surfer’s Knoll Beach. On Tuesdays, samples are collected in the South Coast locations from Oxnard Beach on 5th Street to Staircase Beach in Malibu. Re-samples are conducted during this season.

Wet-Weather Season
Ocean water sampling during the Wet-Weather season is conducted from November 1 through March 31 annually. During this season, sampling sites are significantly reduced, a level commensurate with available State funding. Sampling is only conducted once per week on Tuesdays. When a beach fails to meet State standards for bacteria, a warning sign is posted on the beach and the telephone hotline is updated. No re-samples are conducted during this season.