The staff in the Food Protection Program perform inspections of over 4,000 retail food facilities in Ventura County that serve or sell food to the public. Inspections are conducted to ensure that food facilities are maintained and the food service operators are trained in safe food handling practices according to the California Retail Food Code. The food provided must be free from contamination, properly labeled, and stored and prepared under conditions that are safe, clean, and sanitary.

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Please note: For your convenience, we suggest using the VC Safe Diner app on your mobile phone or tablet.

VC SafeDiner is a quick and easy way to view the latest inspection results for your favorite food facility in Ventura County. The app allows you to search by name, address or city; and also provides a map feature allowing you to view food facilities within a radius of your current location. Full inspection results for the last year are displayed including recorded violations and inspector comments.

Food Protection Program staff also investigate public complaints related to retail food facilities and any suspected cases of foodborne illness. If you have a complaint about a retail food facility, click here to file a complaint.

State law requires that inspectors of retail food facilities be Registered Environmental Health Specialists. Click here for more information about the registration process.