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A key milestone in building your new home will be applying for and getting your building and associated permits. The best way to save time and money is to first work with your design professional to ensure your Submittal Packet is 100% complete.

Key Activities

Planning , Building and Safety, and Environmental Health Public Counter Staff are available to assist you at any phase of your project development. The Resource Management Agency public counters are open between the hours of 7:30 AM-4:30 Monday-Friday.

  1. Work with your design professional to complete submittal packet.

  2. Select and hire a licensed contractor.

  3. Submit a completed zoning clearance application and plans to the Planning Division and a building permit to Building & Safety.

  4. Applications related to the Wildfires recovery efforts will be expedited through the permitting process. It may be useful for you and/or your designer to meet with the plans examiner to go over any correction. If corrections are needed please respond to corrections thoroughly so the number of reviews is kept to a minimum.

  5. While all permitted structures destroyed by the Wildfires will be expedited through the Building Permit process certain standards will be waived only if the structure is rebuilt at the same size and function.  Please see the Requirements to Participate in the Expedited Building Permit Process.

The time it takes for the review of your plans will vary depending on the extensiveness of your design changes.

Final Step: Construction & Inspection