Fees collected by Building and Safety can be paid on-line or in-person at one of the B&S public counters in Ventura or Simi Valley.

Pay on-line

To pay on-line, you must first have registered and created a free account for access to the County’s portal Citizen Access, or ACA.  You must also have already submitted your permit application to B&S and received a fee invoice showing the amount due.

Pay your fees with a credit card by logging into your ACA account and navigating to your permit record number.  There is a 2.5% credit card transaction fee.

Note: To access your permit record in ACA, you must use the same email address listed on your permit application.  If you were not the original applicant, but you need to make a payment for that record, then you must contact our office to request that your name and email address be added to the permit record for access to make a payment for that permit record.  If you have problems with making a payment or finding your permit record in ACA, please contact us at 805-654-2771 or 805-582-8064 for assistance.

Pay in person

You can pay your Building & Safety fees in person at one of our B&S public counters at the Simi Valley or Ventura office.  You may pay your fees by cash or by check made out to the “County of Ventura.”