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The Resource Management Agency strives to ensure that its customer service standards are consistent with the Agency’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the Resource Management Agency, in cooperation with the public and our partner agencies, is to protect the consumer and community’s health, safety, and environment by carrying out adopted laws and policies, and educating, assisting, and empowering Ventura County residents and businesses to be good stewards of the land and our resources.


In addition, RMA has identified those core values which will guide us in carrying out our mission. These values are directly related to our customer service and include:

  • Honesty, hard work, and ethical behavior

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Equitable treatment and respect of all constituents

  • Excellence in service delivery

The County classifies a Home Addition (including normal additions and construction of attached patio covers, balconies and other structures attached to the dwelling) as a form of expansion, which is defined as increasing the area or volume occupied by or devoted to a use, increasing the living space or occupant capacity of a structure. The following are not considered to be expansion: the addition of unenclosed porches, patio covers and the like; one enclosed addition of not more than 30 square feet to a dwelling; and the addition of detached accessory structures not for human habitation as accessory to a dwelling.

To determine the type of planning permit required for a proposed expansion, you must determine if your project site is located in a coastal or non-coastal area.

Expansions (also known as building additions) are permitted on all residentially zoned parcels in the non-coastal area. Note: Expansions are also permitted on legal, non-conforming parcels, which meet the setbacks and lot coverage requirements. However, if your project site is located in the coastal zone, the proposed unit must also conform to the development standards listed in Section Sec. 8174-4 of the Coastal Zoning Ordinance.