In October 2011 the Board of Supervisors adopted the 2008-2013 Housing Element and associated amendments to the Non-Coastal Zoning Ordinance (NCZO) which included provisions for a new Residential High Density (RHD) Zone (NCZO sections 8103, 8104-3.4, 8105-4, 8106-1.1 and 8109-1.3). The amendments are intended to facilitate the construction of housing that is affordable to lower-income households. In summary, the amendments allow the ministerial construction of multi-family residential developments in the RHD zone through the Zone Clearance process as required by Government Code §65583.2(h). Proposed developments must meet all of the required standards specified in the RHD zone, including a minimum density of 20 dwelling units/per acre as required by Government Code §65583.2(c)(3)(B)(iii).

An applicant can submit a request for a RHD Zoning Clearance by following the procedures described in the materials provided in the following links. As detailed in the linked materials, an applicant must submit an application for an RHD Zoning Clearance and the required fee (see Fee Schedule).