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Reconsideration of Surface Water Feature Designation

If an applicant wishes to submit a permit application for a development in an area that has been mapped as a “Surface Water Feature” within the HCWC (see maps here) and believes that the feature has been mapped incorrectly, the County provides a process for applicants to provide evidence to have the Surface Water Feature designation reconsidered.

The documents include guidelines for what information the County needs to reconsider the designation of a Surface Water Feature and the application to be submitted with your evidence.

Ministerial Permit Application for Removal of Invasive Species in a Surface Water Feature

Surface water features are considered one of the most sensitive natural resources in the County. They support a wide variety of plants and wildlife and disturbance occurring on and within their banks are directly tied to water quality conditions downstream. Eliminating the presence of invasive species in these environments is a lot more complicated than simply clearing weeds. It requires understanding on how the species got there, how it spreads, the level of infestation, and the best ways to eliminate or contain it to ensure your labor, time and money is not wasted.

These documents include an application and instructions for the ministerial invasive plant removal permit. The guidelines outline the information need to develop the invasive species management components required in the application.

When a ministerial permit is issued for the removal of invasive species within a surface water feature, it is with the understanding that certain performance standards will be adhered to and these standards are attached to the permit. These performance standards cover actions such as the protection sensitive resources, controlling the spread of invasive species during removal efforts, wildlife friendly erosion control and worker education. Verification that protection measures described in the Performance Standards were present throughout the time of construction may be requested by the Planning Division.

Project Background

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